Frequently Asked Questions

About How To Buy Rap Beats Online!

We take our beats and instrumentals very seriously as we believe in inspiring originality in our artists. And that is why we make and put up only high quality beats for sale on our beat store.

Most of the samples or loops we use are royalty free. You do not need a clearance for these kind of samples. If we do use any samples that require clearance, you will be informed about it on the beat selling page.

Yes. You might do that only if you have purchased a license for the said beat(s).

You can pay the difference of amount from your initial purchase via Paypal and we will upgrade your License.

We process all payments via PayPal. Once you Checkout, you will be transferred to PayPal’s Secure server where you can make a payment using all major Credit & Debit Cards.

No. Recent changes to PayPal has made it optional to have a PayPal account. After a successful transaction you will have a choice to sign-up for a PayPal account. It is recommended to sign-up as then you can save all your transactions in your PayPal account.

Once your payment is successful, your purchased product(s) are automatically sent to the email address that you used to make the payment on PayPal.

Please write an email to with subject line “Beat Not Received”, from the same Email that was used to process the payment on PayPal. It would be great if you could provide your PayPal Transaction ID.

You must properly write our credits in one of the following styles:
a). Produced by Djay Adx
b). Beat by Djay Adx
c). Original Music by Djay Adx
Be sure it is always added as text on every digital platform and/or social media.

The free beat(s) on the Youtube channel or the Website are copyrighted and only available for non-commercial use. If you are thinking to make money from these beats, please purchase a license from our Beatstore. Be aware that making money from these free instrumentals with or without any modifications is not allowed in any situation. These cases are taken care of legally and very often.

Email your PayPal receipt or Transaction ID for the purchase along with the link to your claimed video to If all goes right, the claim shall be removed within 48-72 hours.

Yes! Voice-Tags are the body-guards of our beats. Once you purchase a beat license, you are sent a tag-less version.

Before you purchase a license be very sure with the choice of your beat(s). THERE IS NO HELP in the case of a wrongly placed order.

Yes, Of course. Please send an email with “Custom Beats” in subject line followed by your requirements to

Please use the Contact Page for any of your queries or else write an email to