About Exclusive Beats For Sale

What Is The Difference Between an MP3/WAV Lease And an Exclusive Purchase?

Simply Put, Exclusive means once you own the beat, you own it forever. It won’t be available for sale to another Artist and it will be removed from the Beat Store. Also, an Exclusive license allows you to make money from the purchased beat, you can generate income from various sources like YouTube/Soundcloud Monetization, Live Performances, Radio plays etc. after you buy an Exclusive Rap or Trap beat. Moreover, Exclusive beats are meant for serious Artists who are ready with a plan to release their music into mainstream channels, for e.g. Artists who have been signed by a music company or have a contract/deal with a major record label.

On the other hand, A Leased beat has restricted options and does not make you the owner of the beat. It does however, allows you to sell your songs made with the Leased Beat. But, only a limited number of digital/physical copies can be sold. MP3/WAV leases basically cater to Artists who are planning to record their demos and/or Rappers who are trying to figure out their genre, style and/or sound. Artists who do not want to spend 300+ dollars on an instrumental just to put a track on their Mix-tape should definitely stick to Leased Beats.